How Electric Wheelchairs Are Better Option Than Manual Wheelchairs

Guest post by Come 2u

Unfortunately, many of you need a wheelchair to move around due to several reasons. However, if you are using a manual wheelchair then many times you may find it difficult to control it, as per your wish.

couple of eleder people

Keeping this aspect in mind, the new foldawheel electric wheelchair has been introduced in the market. It is much more comfortable as well as the safer option for users. Such wheelchairs use electric motors to drive, which are powered by batteries. In addition, these models are much bulkier and hence more stable than its manual counterparts.

Here are a few benefits of using foldawheel electric wheelchair.

  1. User will feel more independent

Usually, wheelchairs are used by those people who are either immobile or having a certain deficiency. By using electrical control, they will find it much more easy and convenient as need less physical force to move the wheelchair as compared to manual version.

  1. Easily available

There are many companies manufacturing such electrical wheelchairs and thus it is an easily available commodity in the market.

  1. More user friendly

Electrical wheelchairs can be used both in manual and electric mode. You can easily change its speed and move direction without using any physical force.

  1. Much more safer

As already mentioned above that electric wheelchairs are little more on the bulky side and hence it has very little chance of tilting and falling down. Also, there are varieties of advantageous features like lifting on the staircase safely.