IVF- A Process Completed With Various Steps

When a woman has some problems, related to pregnancy, she becomes much concerned. However, the modern technologies in the clinical field are designed to remove such problem. The procedure of In Vitro Fertilization, one of the advanced treatments, has offered desirable outcomes to lots of women.

Before experiencing the IVF from the best clinic, it is best to know about the process thoroughly.

In the Surrey fertility clinic, IVF is done with some steps

Induction of ovulation

Prior to starting the In Vitro process or during this procedure, the specialist may check the ovary condition and also the time of releasing eggs. Physicians have to ensure that the ovary is able to generate eggs. Besides, they need to see whether the level of hormone is perfect.

Many women use fertility medications in order to make the stimulation of ovary for egg production. With IVF, when the eggs are available, you may have an increasing possibility of being pregnant.

Recovery of eggs

At this stage of IVF procedure, pain medicines are provided to decrease the distress. The doctors pass a delicate needle through vaginal area. By applying ultrasound in vagina, they remove the fluid from all follicles. After the separation of eggs from fluid, the specialists place the eggs in a dish.

Process of fertilization

It is one of the major steps for fertilizing the eggs. The sample of sperm of your spouse or any donor is stored. The sperm, which is highly active, is blended with eggs. Often, the doctors also inject the sperms into your eggs, and then both of them are kept in incubator. The specialists regularly assess them to ensure that the embryo is growing properly.

Moving the embryo

It is the ultimate stage for IVF. The doctors first check embryos in order to choose the best ones, which have to be moved through a plastic channel. They are then placed in uterine space. After this phase of IVF process gets accomplished, you have to take rest completely for at least one day.

After some week of conducting this procedure, you may have pregnancy confirmation test. Rates of success with this IVF treatment differ significantly, according to how your case has been handled.

You may better discuss about it with Surrey fertility clinic.  Though most of the women get positive results from this process, some others have not traced the signs of pregnancy.

So, choose the most recognized clinic in order to get rid of infertility issues. The experienced doctors will offer personalized care to all the patients. Besides, in the best clinic, you may also see that the rates of their success are also very high. However, if your doctor says that some other alternative treatment is right for you, then you may choose it.